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In times like this, it’s easy to keep our focus on friends and family. But, it is just as important that we take care of ourselves too, both physically and mentally.

Life is Beautiful

Even when life is hard, we persevere. Here, we hope you find the knowledge and wisdom you need to face each day with confidence and even grow in the midst of hardship.

CCM is providing this content as a ministry. The views expressed by the guests herein are their own and do not reflect those of CCM.

John Paine's Sharing Hope Interview

John Paine: Defying ALS Through Intimacy with God


Check out this video with Author, Mentor, Encourager, John Paine, as he discusses: – True…

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Katie Norris' Sharing Hope Interview

Katie Norris: When Passion Intersects with Need


Watch this interview with Film Producer, Katie Norris, as she discusses: – Defying the Odds…

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Paul Marc Goulet's Sharing Hope Interview

Paul Marc Goulet: Trusting God in the Midst of Battles

Watch this video with Pastor/Speaker/Author, Paul Marc Goulet, as he discusses: – The 3 things…

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Chris Norton's Sharing Hope Interview

Chris Norton: Overcoming Great Adversity


Blurb: Watch this video with author, speaker & founder, Chris Norton, as he discusses:  …

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Niki Hardy's Sharing Hope Interview

Niki Hardy: Missions & Overcoming Hardship and Sickness


Watch this video with church Planter, author, and speaker Niki Hardy as she discusses:  …

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David Dietrich's Sharing Hope Interview

David Dietrich: Walking by Faith to Carry Out the Call


Watch this video with Producer/Director, David D. Dietrich, as he discusses:   -his journey into…

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Amanda Tress's Sharing Hope Interview

Amanda Tress: Biblical Nutrition and At-Home Fitness


Watch this video with Amanda Tress, Founder of FASTer Way to Fat Loss, where she…

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Lauren Green's Sharing Hope Interview

Lauren Green: Living Out Your Faith in an Online World


Watch this video with FOX News Channel’s Chief Religion Correspondent, Lauren Green, where she discusses:…

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Andy Andrew's Sharing Hope Interview

Andy Andrews: Perspective


Watch this video with Best-Selling Author, Speaker & Coach, Andy Andrews, as he discusses:  …

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Stephen Mansfield's Sharing Hope Interview

Stephen Mansfield: Endure Hardship as Discipline


Watch this video with Best-Selling Author/Speaker, Stephen Mansfield, where he discusses:   -the “gorilla theory”…

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Steve Fee's Sharing Hope Interview

Steve Fee: Confession Leads to Freedom

Watch this video with Christian Artist and Songwriter, Steve Fee, where he discusses:   –…

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Michael Blanton's Sharing Hope Interview

Michael Blanton: Perseverance


Watch this video with renowned Christian music producer, Michael Blanton, where he discusses:   -glorifying…

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Jenn David's Sharing Hope Interview

Jenn David: Strong in the Core


Watch this video with Jenn David, multi-skilled talent agent and CEO of JL David Agency,…

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. Jack Strack & Brent Crowe's Sharing Hope Interview

Dr. Jay Strack & Brent Crowe


Watch this video with Dr. Jay Strack and Brent Crowe as they discuss:   -SLU’s…

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Ben Crane's Sharing Hope Interview

Ben Crane: Trust Daily


Watch this video with professional golfer and five-time PGA tour winner, Ben Crane, where he…

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Dr. Alesia Greene: Medi-Share & COVID-19 Part 2


Enjoy this video with Dr. Alesia Greene, Medical Director, where she discusses the pertinent facts…

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Dr. Alesia Greene's Sharing Hope Interview

Dr. Alesia Greene: Medi-Share & COVID-19 Part 1


Enjoy this video with Dr. Alesia Greene, Medical Director, where she discusses facts about Medi-Share…

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Dr. Curt Thompson

Dr. Curt Thompson: Social Distancing Effects & Remedies


Watch this video with Dr. Curt Thompson, Psychiatrist and Author, where he discusses:   –…

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Kristi McLelland

Kristi McLelland: A Table in the Wilderness

, ,

Watch this video with Kristi McLelland, biblical culturalist and professor, where she discusses:   –…

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Brant Hansen Sharing Hope Interview

Brant Hansen: Anger & Forgiveness

, ,

Blurb: Watch this video with Brant Hansen, radio host and author, as he discusses:  …

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Megan Moore: Diet & Nutrition During the Coronavirus Crisis

Watch this video with Registered Dietitian, Megan Moore, where she discusses: – The role of…

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Alli Worthington: Overcoming Fear & Living with Confidence

Watch this video with Alli Worthington, speaker and business coach, where she discusses: – Ways…

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Dr. Tim Elmore

Dr. Tim Elmore: Making the Most Out of the Shut-In


Watch this video with Dr. Tim Elmore, founder and CEO of Growing Leaders, where he…

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Annie Downs

Annie F. Downs: Let’s All Be Brave


Watch this video with Annie F. Downs, author and podcast host, where she discusses:  …

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Steve Demme

Steve Demme: Building Strong Families


Watch this video with Steve Demme, founder of Math-U-See and Building Faith Families, where he…

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Scott Hamilton

Scott Hamilton: Live Your Days


Watch this video with Scott Hamilton, Olympic Champion and cancer survivor, where he discusses:  …

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John Stonestreet

John Stonestreet: Applying Faith to the Current Cultural Context

Watch this video with John Stonestreet, President of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, where…

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Dave Verhaagen

Dave Verhaagen: The Secret Power of Acceptance

Watch this video with Dave Verhaagen, CEO, Christian Psychologist and author of 8 books, where he discusses:…

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holding hands

God is a Better Parent than You Can Imagine

If the main love language of my children is ‘acts of service’, then the most…

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A man giving praise to God.


It seems that the way you process the challenges of social distancing, isolation, and quarantine…

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Medi-Share Community Prayer Service: Protection & Provision

We all know and believe in the power of community, worship, and prayer. Every Thursday…

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Brent McCorkle: Today Is My Favorite Day

Watch this video with Brent McCorkle, American filmmaker known best for co-writing, co-editing, and scoring…

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Mark Stuart: Losing My Voice to Find It


Mark Stuart and Jamie George discuss how a rockstar discovered his greatest purpose.   Links…

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prayer silhouette

Finding Faith During Times of Fear

The latest news is filled with nationwide COVID-19 related closures and restrictions. Stores, restaurants, cruises,…

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Purple flower in a field

COVID-19 Update: Pace Yourself (And take care of yourself)

By Dr. Alesia Greene The President’s Coronavirus Task Force presented some sobering information to the…

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Additional Resources

Here are some helpful resources we curated from organizations and speakers also seeking to help during this challenging time.

Faith and Prayer

Craig Groeschel’s Hope in the Dark Bible Reading Plan

If you find yourself hurting or in the middle of a crisis wondering if God cares about you, this 12-day Bible reading plan shows where to find hope in the darkness.

Tim Keller: Peace in Times of Suffering 

In this recorded live stream, Tim Keller discusses how we can find peace in the face of suffering and anxiety.

Hymns of Hope Bible Reading Plan For Men / For Women

This 14-day reading plan explores themes of comfort and peace found throughout ten hymns of hope.

How to Stop Worrying Bible Reading Plan

In a season filled with reasons to worry, and isolation that fuels the cycle, this 4-day reading plan offers biblical wisdom to find an end to our worrying.

LifeWay’s 7-Day Coronavirus Prayer Guide

In times of uncertainty the most powerful thing we can do is pray and this 7-day prayer guide provides you specific prompts.

Thanksgiving: The Thing You Can't Take Too Far

Don’t let anyone tell you not to be grateful. Gratitude is not for the “privileged” — it’s for every human being on earth who knows how good God is.

Mental Health

National Alliance on Mental Illness’s COVID-19 Resource and Information Guide

NAMI created a thorough guide that addresses specific questions surrounding the personal impact COVID-19 and provides a list of resources to help move forward.

Coronavirus Anxiety - Helpful Tips and Resources

The ADAA compiled a list of helpful articles and resources for those dealing with anxiety during the COVID-19 outbreak.

CDC’s Simple Healthy Eating Tips

The CDC offers simple, practical eating tips that will improve our diet and mental health.

Coronavirus Prevention

CDC’s Guide to COVID-19

Whether you need information on symptoms, what to do if you’re feeling sick, or how to slow the spread, the CDC has gathered the facts all in one place.

Household Checklist

The CDC created a household checklist to help prepare and protect families from the COVID-19 outbreak.

CDC’s COVID-19 Print Resources in Foreign Languages

The CDC has provided print resources covering everything you need to know about COVID-19 in many foreign languages to help you or someone you know.

Guide to Caring for Someone Sick

If you find yourself caring for someone sick, the CDC has outlined best practices for care.


Here are a few of the great speakers next on the schedule.

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